5 Unique Facts About Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

To embrace the love of your life that drenches you in ecstasy, you are on the lookout for a perfect engagement ring. With so many available options, you are bewildered in terms of choosing the appropriate ring. Wondering how to end this dilemma? Go ahead and choose the most trustworthy one. And what's better than a marquise cut diamond engagement ring? Here are 5 facts about the ring that might convince you of its worthiness.

1) Inquisitive History

The marquise cut diamond ring has a very unique and interesting origin. It is said that in the 18th century, King Louis XV of France authorized a lapidary to carve a diamond that mirrored the lips of Jean Antoinette Poisson, his mistress. And it gained popularity in 1970, during various fashion events. This crystal clear diamond will elevate one's glory and install a prestigious shine to one's ornamental collection.

2) Reasonable price

Despite its beauty and luminosity, the marquise cut diamond ring is comparatively less expensive than other significant diamonds. These long shaped diamonds will add a serene touch to the look and create a glamourous aura. Having an ornamental outlook, these diamonds are quite rare.

3) Illusional appearance

These elongated slim shaped diamonds create an optical illusion by appearing bigger than they originally are. They have sharp dotted ends and a petite body. This shape creates a mirage and gives a long outlook.  


This sparkling diamond manifests drama and represents a boisterous personality. It is often related to bold appearance and edgy attire. Although minimalistic, this rare diamond ameliorates one's personality and adds extra elements to one's character.

5) Different names

Consisting of 58 facets in total, this phenomenal diamond can also be called eye, boat and football shaped diamonds. Having a theatrical appearance, this has a variety of options to choose from. From the vintage leaf design to the French pave marquise cut diamonds, there are plenty of choices. The Hand-Engraved solitaire and the ones with the 3D bands are making everyone go in awe with their styles. Here are some mesmerizing jewelry options

  • Plain Bland Single Halo Marquise Ring
  • marquise diamond engagement ring

    This marvellously crafted simple, minimalistic diamond ring marks the pervasive nature of love. Bordered by sparkling diamonds, this ring has a long narrow diamond studded in the middle. The marquise diamond engagement ring is available in platinum, gold, white gold, and rose gold, this intricately designed ring can be customized according to your needs and will provide complete satisfaction. 

    2) Hand-Engraved Solitaire Marquise Ring

    marquise diamond engagement ring

    Meticulously handcrafted, this ring symbolizes the pristine characteristic of love. The marquise diamond engagement ring is designed with very subtle artistic designs and holds the glimmering diamond in the center. Again, it can be crafted on 4 different bases and can be adjusted to cater to your requirements. 

    If you want to explore more options other than the marquise diamond rings, below are some suggestions. 

    3) Diamond Accent Ring

    diamond accent ring

    These dazzling round shaped diamonds attached to the ring in a circular way will beguile attention and add sparkle to your future bride's attire. Having 3 different colors- rose gold, gold and white gold, this stunning ring can also be found in a variety of sizes. This diamond accent ring holds 11 different diamonds and has the Bezel setting type. Note that it can also be customized.

    4) Slim Twist Baguette Diamond Yellow Gold Ring

    baguette diamond ring yellow gold

    Having the capability to attract everyone's fancy, this gorgeous modern ring is a trendsetter. The twisted spiral design on the band followed by a sleek succinct diamond in the center creates a sacred aura and ties the two souls together in the holy matrimony. Offered in 3 colors and having a Channel setting type, this baguette diamond ring yellow gold can be customized too.  


    Having such mesmerizing options will definitely help you to select the best out of the rest. Therefore, dive down into the marquise diamond ring and explore more such options.