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Jewelry is defined differently by different people. For some, it is just an accessory, while for others, it is part of their identity. However, have you ever wondered why married couples cherish their wedding diamond ring; because it symbolizes lifetime togetherness. There are pieces of jewelry kept under wraps for special events and parties.

What Makes an Engagement Ring “Vintage”?

Vintage means more than 20 years old, and antique means at least 100 years old. When it comes to engagement rings, vintage denotes the ring’s style and not the age. However, if you’re looking for a vintage engagement ring, you’re actually looking for a modern, vintage-style engagement ring setting. If it’s a simple engagement ring, you’re mostly searching for a design from the bygone Retro Era of 1940 to 1960.

The wedding gown symbolizes bridal style. It literally sparkles your wedding day look. From statement rings to diamond studs to vintage pieces, there are many ways to accessorize with jewelry on your big day. Here we share a few of our favorite pieces for accenting your bridal style with sparkle and shine. Most vintage designs are ornate. Moreover, vintage designs are statement capers. Couples about to get married should go for a vintage or vintage-style engagement ring. Presenting three types of Vintage diamond rings you must own.

Milgrain Leaf Vintage Oval Diamond Engagement Ring - 14k White Gold - 2.5mm

oval diamond leaf engagement ring

The bow-tie effect of an diamond leaf engagement ring refers to the shadow effect across the middle of an oval-cut diamond. It is inherent in most elongated fancy diamond shapes. However, this is due to the stretching of facets in the diamond cutting process. Most oval-cut diamonds have a bow-tie effect ranging in severity. However, avoid a prominent shadow by choosing oval diamonds with a higher ratio and a moderate depth percentage.  

Milgrain Leaf Vintage Heart Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring - 14k White Gold - 2.5mm

heart shaped diamond engagement ring

A heart shaped diamond engagement ring is usually the traditional choice as the center stone. However, alternative options are quickly getting popular. The shapes may look familiar, but the diamonds are very special. These rings add sparkle to your vintage-inspired wedding, which everyone is sure to remember.

Milgrain Leaf Vintage Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring - 14k White Gold - 2.5mm

princess cut diamond engagement ring

We have a wide assortment of princess cut diamond engagement ring. These have high-quality cuts and above-average measurements. They would be awesome as the stunning center stone for your engagement ring. Nevertheless, we don’t source diamonds with high depth percentages and diamonds that are shallow cut. This reduces the sparkle and brilliance. A little sparkle is sure to catch the groom’s eye as you walk down the aisle or during the dance. 


Don’t hesitate to check our most popular oval diamond engagement ring styles. They can be fully customized to fit your style and preference. We are masters in one-of-a-kind jewelry styles for individual preferences.  Moreover, with an array of brilliant gemstones and diamonds, you are sure to feel confident that your favorite color is always available! Go bold and make a statement on your wedding day with one such unique design!

Ideas galore for adding sparkle to your bridal style, but not yet sure about the engagement ring? Our engagement ring styles will have your finger ready in no time! They are custom-made to order. You love the design but would like to see changes made, or have an entirely different vision, then quickly fill out our custom jewelry form below.

Reveal as many details as possible, to ensure that our designers accurately capture your vision. Moreover, a representative will get in touch after we review your submission. We are there to help you create your dream piece!