New Diamond Engagement Rings for Summer! Get Ready to Drool Over!

When it comes to finding the best engagement ring, even the most radical, non-conforming couples are mesmerized. While some wedding customs have been happily discarded—after all, who can imagine swearing to 'obey' in their vows nowadays?—the desire for the nicest engagement ring persists. The nicest radiant cut cathedral style engagement ring you've ever imagined will shine from the best-manicured finger you've ever flaunted on what is supposed to be the best day of your life, whether it's a barefoot beach event or a blowout in a hotel ballroom. How about one of the five best days of your life—after all, the birth of a child or a fantastic career promotion must count, right?

What distinguishes the best engagement ring? It may sound self-evident, but it's the one that embodies your unique personality and speaks directly to your soul. The one you've always fantasized about. It can be a traditional version with a stunning large stone set on a platinum band. Also, can be a slightly offbeat variation of an emerald, princess, marquise, or cushion cut! It can be a diamond-studded band that serves as both an engagement ring and a wedding band in one. It can be something completely out of the ordinary that communicates to the two of you in a language only the two of you understand.

Which woman wouldn't desire a beautiful engagement ring? And if you're planning for your engagement soon or upgrading your engagement ring, you've come to the correct place! Classics like solitaires are always a nice choice. Also, there are some settings that are trendy but also have a timeless appeal. We previously told you about a slew of exquisite summer engagement ring trends for summer. Now, let's have a look at some of the amazing new settings that are both large and beautiful!

Cathedral Oval Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring is a timeless classic

This cathedral oval engagement ring has the advantage of appearing larger than round cut diamonds of the same carat size. However, due to the greater table size and the way it interacts with light, the ‘bowtie effect’ is practically unavoidable with this cut. A black patch in the middle of almost all oval cut diamonds resembles a bowtie. Some think this makes the oval cut appear ‘imperfect.’ However, others think it's the ring's most intriguing feature – the choice is yours! Prioritize, cut and balance the other four Cs properly if you want to avoid the bowtie.

Graduated Milgrain Heart Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

While round diamonds are still the most popular choice for a center stone, fancy diamonds are becoming increasingly fashionable. Any diamond form other than the basic round brilliant is best as a fancy-shaped diamond. A common elongated fancy shape  is a graduated milgrain heart-shaped diamond engagement ring. Elongated fancy shaped diamonds make a magnificent statement as a center gemstone. They're especially attractive on the hand because they give the appearance of a long, thin finger.

3D Band with Hidden Halo Solitaire Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Who doesn't enjoy a delightful surprise? Any engagement ring with hidden diamond accents like hidden halos, diamond enhanced galleries, and other unique embellishments built beneath a ring's core gem will glitter from every aspect. If you want a little more dazzle, just go with our hidden halo princess cut engagement ring collection. A gleaming hidden halo of diamonds wraps around the focal gem in this ring. For an exquisite, classy aesthetic, a small band complements the gallery.

A halo setting is quite popular, but what about a one-of-a-kind halo that isn't like the ones we see on engagement rings? A retro or vintage-inspired halo looks quite attractive and draws the eye to the center stone! These hidden accent designs are the most popular through 2022 and beyond.

Wrap Up

Diamond engagement rings have been spotted in the hands of celebrities such as Blake Lively, Jennifer Aniston, and Katherine McPhee in recent years, to mention a few. In fact, they've had such a long run in the spotlight that they've become something of a new classic, a little blingee millennial spin on the original round solitaire.

Which engagement ring style do you prefer? Whether you choose a traditional diamond with a twist, a classic diamond or a vintage-inspired design, something unexpected and genuinely wild, or a dramatic all-in-one band, your ring will be as beautiful and long-lasting as the relationship it honors.