What kind of Diamond Rings to Gift for Engagement?

Finding an engagement ring that matches your or your fiancé-to-be’s tastes is definitely a real challenge. You’re definitely not alone. Moreover, with thousands of different metal, style, and center stone combinations to choose from, picking the best engagement ring can be a tough process. However, buying an engagement ring is a very personal decision. Designs come and go. Any engagement ring should match and complement your personal taste and style.

Medical professionals might benefit from a slightly different style, which won’t affect their daily work. However, today there are countless different engagement ring settings available, with options out there to suit just about everyone’s tastes. We have compiled a detailed list of best engagement rings. Also, our list includes engagement rings in a huge, diverse variety of styles, from timeless classics to more contemporary, fashionable rings that have attracted attention over the last few years.

Budget-Friendly Engagement Beautiful Rings

You don’t need to spend a fortune to buy a beautiful hidden halo marquise engagement ring. However, we have budget rings, from elegant, yet affordable options to an assortment of more ornate, intricate, and costly settings.

Whether you’re on a strict budget and like simple engagement rings or prefer to spring for the very best, we’ve put together a variety of options to suit you. Moreover, if you’re confused about choosing between any two or more ring styles – we are there. Our expert advice is always closer to home.

     1.3D Band with Hidden Halo Solitaire Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Looking for an engagement ring that’s simple, elegant, and timeless, the solitaire setting does the trick. Besides, solitaire rings don’t feature any pavé or halo diamonds, making the center stone the true star of the show.

This classic 3D Band with Hidden Halo Solitaire Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring comes in four different metals (14K white gold, 18K white or yellow gold, and platinum) and offers great value for money, with the 14K and  18K white gold option. Moreover, this stunning diamond will give you a beautiful engagement ring that will never go out of style. However, you can also choose a smaller diamond or different gemstone to bring the price of this engagement ring.

  1. Classic Heart Shaped Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

This timeless four-prong heart shaped diamond solitaire engagement ring is a better option if you’re looking for a simple elegant ring that’s stylish. However, this doesn’t feature any pavé diamonds or side stones, making the center stone the center of attention. Moreover, the setting secures the center stone with four prongs instead of six to better showcase the brilliance of the diamond. 

Classic Heart Shaped Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring is available in four different metals, starting for the setting in 14K and 18K white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, and platinum. Moreover, it’s outstanding with a high-quality round brilliant diamond with an excellent cut round stone.

  1. Classic Cathedral Radiant Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

The twisted shank solitaire engagement ring is unique, eye-catching, and contemporary displaying a nice twist. Moreover, it’s a great choice if you’re looking for a ring that offers the elegant simplicity of a solitaire setting with a more modern, contemporary look.

Classic Cathedral Radiant Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring is available in a variety of metals, including 14K rose gold. Moreover, this ring looks impressive when it’s paired with a high-quality round brilliant or cushion cut diamond.  

What do People Ask?

Which diamond is best for a ring?

For engagement rings, our recommendation is a rose gold bezel chevron diamond ring with a cut grade of good, ideal, or super ideal. However, choosing a high-cut grade maximizes the beauty of a diamond.

Is a diamond a good gift?
A diamond is to be worn, cherished, and loved. Moreover, it can be passed down to the next generation as a meaningful heirloom for your loved ones and the start of a new family tradition.

Can an engagement ring be a gift?
An engagement ring is typically a conditional gift. Besides, to be precise – a gift with a condition.

Why are diamonds the best gift?
Diamonds have incredible durability. Moreover, this makes it the perfect anniversary gift that can be worn every day.

Wrap it Up
Use some imagination when wrapping the gift. However, if you’re putting off the big engagement ring purchase for other reasons, consider what those are. Moreover, if you’re saving for a house together, build a tiny one from cardboard, balsa wood, or Legos and cradle the jewelry in it on some tissue paper. Medical school? Match a toy stethoscope with a diamond pendant. Think, use your imagination. The perfect presentation is ready.

Get in touch if you desire the perfect engagement ring. Also, our diamond experts can help you find the ideal ring for you and your fiancé-to-be’s tastes and budget.