The Your Diamond Gal Story

The Your Diamond Gal story started in 1946 when a craftsman and artist with a natural talent for design began honing his craft by working with fine jewelry in Yerevan, Armenia. His passion for creating one-of-a-kind pieces, his high standard of excellence, and the skills he gained during his jewelry-making career were passed down two generations to his son and later his two grandsons, all of whom continue the tradition of the family business today.

After immigrating to the United States from Armenia, he opened a manufacturing facility in Los Angeles that produced gold and diamond jewelry for major retailers across the nation. After operating as a wholesale manufacturing company for decades, Your Diamond Gal now brings generations of expert craftsmanship and a commitment to quality manufacturing directly to the consumer online to offer fine, masterfully produced jewelry and diamonds at wholesale prices. With an advanced in-house manufacturing facility and skillful craftsmen with decades of experience, Your Diamond Gal offers both ready-to-wear and custom pieces crafted from the highest quality precious metals and gemstones at the greatest value and convenience.

Just as the art of jewelry making was passed down from generation to generation, Your Diamond Gal believes that the tradition of owning and sharing one-of-a-kind heirlooms is an act of love and a commitment to preserving the most memorable moments treasured by families. We hope your purchase from Your Diamond Gal becomes a cherished item that you and your family can hold on to for generations to come.

Meet Your Diamond Gal

After spending nearly 10 years in the corporate accounting world as a certified public accountant, the wife of one of the grandsons, saw an opportunity to expand the company's reach beyond the wholesale enterprise and make the products more accessible to a wider range of consumers on an e-commerce platform. Maintaining the legacy company's high-touch feel and commitment to providing superior customer service, Your Diamond Gal launched as a retail enterprise in 2019 with a vision of a fun, feminine aesthetic that offers fine and fashion jewelry for men and women beyond engagement and bridal categories.

Your Diamond Gal is the ultimate destination for a variety of jewelry that is timeless while staying fresh, fashionable, and trendy.