Exquisite Diamond Necklace Trends for 2022

"Some of our favorite jewelry trends for this year will come in the form of necklaces. The most popular necklace styles for 2022 are suitable for any season and will seamlessly transition from spring through winter."


With summer officially virtually coming to an end, it is time to start prepping up your wardrobe for the upcoming winter season. Worry not - we are all set with winter handbags, shoes, and overall fashion trends. Whether it is experimenting with new styles for the upcoming season or it's all about your favorite classics, there is a better way to deck up with your jewelry. Nevertheless, ditch the dainty, delicate pieces and dare to make elegant statements. Moreover, from getting a new good luck charm jewelry to leaning into nostalgic '80s style, you certainly will turn heads wherever you’ll go with your gorgeous designs.

While everyone is enjoying the crisp temperatures of fall, don’t let your guard down, get ahead of the fashion curve with six cute winters 2021 jewelry trends as accessory rotations. Keep scrolling and you’ll be convinced.

Our favorite jewelry trends for 2022 would be in the form of necklaces. However, this year we will see more necklace layering. Chain necklaces are here to stay, with chain styles gaining popularity in all shapes and sizes. They will be suitable for every season and will seamlessly transition from spring through winter.


gold diamond necklaces

Three-Stone Bar Diamond Pendant Necklace (2.0 ct. tw.) - 14k Yellow Gold

Diamond pendants with gold diamond necklaces are elegant and versatile. Evening wear is visible all over the spring runways, signaling the return to formal parties and events. They effortlessly transition from dressy to casual with a surprising air of everyday wearability. However, a dazzling diamond necklace undoubtedly complements the formal gown. The look would be equally stunning when paired with a crisp white shirt and denim jeans.

Double Layer Solitaire and V-Bar Diamond Pendant Necklace - 14k Yellow Gold

Layer Solitaire necklaces are again the unchallenged kings of 2022. Paperclip chains and their chunkier counterparts are ideal for layering with other necklaces or being worn single. Besides that, locket necklaces have been a part of life for ages. Most of them love wearing locket photos of the ones close to our hearts. Check our wide array of exquisite lockets with a modern flair with timeless appeal.

Three-Stone Linear Princess Diamond Pendant Necklace - 14k Yellow Gold

The year was bursting with  diamond solitaire necklace colorful jewelry from bold beads to vivid gemstones to eye-catching enamel. Moreover, sporting vibrant accessories, like a colored gemstone necklace, is the best way to introduce fun pops of color as well as texture to your wardrobe.

However, it’s time to create looks that are outstanding with celestial pendants and chains inspired by the sun, moon, and stars. Charming necklaces are making a comeback in a big way. Moreover, sentimental jewelry is stylish, and charms are a perfect attraction. However, relieve stories with unique tokens and gemstones that symbolize passions and hobbies. Personalization is still trendy. While initial necklaces are popular with Instagram influencers and celebrities, the personalization trend is exploding. Birthstones and astrological signs are forms of personalized jewelry.


Delicate necklaces also look best when layered. They are simply the opposite versions of oversized and ornate. They are wonderfully effortless and stylish. Moreover, a flat gold chain is a daily charmer. Lightweight and flexible, they are comfortable and stylish. They elegantly and beautifully drape across the collarbone and provide an outfit with high shine and wonderful texture. 


A fierce necklace or an elegant dangle earring becomes more visibly apparent as we dress. In 2022, bold and unapologetic, shiny baubles will take the ‘more is more approach. It doesn’t matter whether you are layering on your jewelry or letting a statement piece shine on its own. Just for you, we have nailed down jewelry necklace trends for winter shopping. Additionally, jewelry, which represents everything from spiritual to sentimental pieces that are connected to guidance, strength, and luck. Projects continue to take shape in different incarnations and distinctive collections.